At GoldFingers, the word “classic” is an important one to us.  It describes our restaurants décor, walls filled with items from pop culture classics.  It describes our menu, filled with classic American fare, like juicy burgers, mouth-watering milkshakes and, of course, our award-winning chicken tenders.


But the word “classic” also describes the experience we strive to create for our customers.  At Goldfingers, we deliver a classic dining experience.  One that hearkens back to more classic times, when food tasted a little fresher, folks were a little bit nicer and coming together with friends and food was the highlight of your day.


After refining this experience over several years and three incredibly successful locations, we’re proud to announce that GoldFingers is now franchising.  Whether you’re an experienced restauranteur or an aspiring entrepreneur, read on.  Our restaurants are breaking records and new ground.  And we’re doing it by staying classic.